Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Bitch is Back

I started to write this entry and all of a sudden Elton John's "The Bitch is Back" came on my iTunes player, which is currently in shuffle mode. Call it fate, call it justice, call it what you will--but the subject of this blog fits perfectly. And I will continue to hit replay as long as I wish for inspiration.

Yes, dear readers, it's true--Paris Hilton is out of the clink.

It just sickens me to the core that someone who willingly and knowingly violated her probation TWICE is allowed to walk away after three days in jail. Mind you, in those three days she was in seclusion, not required to participate in events with other inmates, and given a private cell. Reportedly, she wasn't required to go through the cavity searches that other inmates are forced to endure. Sure as shit, though, she was released early. And I am sure that no excuse I hear will be a good one.

It's a sad day in our society. And I'm not giving Paris Hilton more credit than she deserves, because I'm talking about the state of celebrity and what it brings. If you or I willingly and knowingly violated our probation twice we'd be lucky to get the 45 day sentence she originally received, let alone the reduction to 23 days and now to 3. Granted, the prisons are overcrowded, but people who commit crimes and then are put on probation only to violate that probation should not be allowed to wander off to Rodeo Drive.

This is just another instance in a long line of celebrity crimes that goes without justification or punishment because the person at issue happens to have appeared on People or US Weekly a few times. And then we wonder why people don't respect the criminal justice system, or the legal system at all.

This is bigger than Paris Hilton. I'm not a fan of her, that's no secret. The issue here isn't really's the disregard for procedure, punishment and process so blatant that causes Oliver Wendell Holmes to turn repeatedly in his grave.

Today, justice is not only going to the highest bidder, but the one with the most paparazzi following behind.

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MarilynJean said...

Thank you for putting this situation in a bigger context. I think most people would just be annoyed because it is Paris, but you're right. This is another example of how America elevates celebrities to an almost godlike status.


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