Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Check's in the mail....

It appears Kwame (aka Douchebag) is not going to pay this bill. It's going to screw up his credit rating. Here's my point by point version of the story:

Jury rules against Mayor Kilpatrick; ex-cops awarded $6.5 million


Mayor Kawame Kilpatrick said at a news conference this afternoon he was "absolutely blown away" by a jury's decision awarding a total of $6.5 millon to two former Detroit police officers in a whistleblower lawsuit.

Did he think he was going to get away with this one too? I mean, the Navigator, the trips to Africa and spas, the personal security entourage. He really thought that, didn't he?
“I’m absolutely blown away by this decision and I’m sure Detroiters are, too,” he said at the 3:30 p.m. conference

“I don’t believe there is one thing in this case that was proven on the plaintiff’s side – not one,” he added.

Well, that's fine because it's not you who gets to decide--it's the jury. You went to lawschool, Kwame. You should know these fundamentals.

“We don’t have the money to settle with these clients. We don’t believe that we should settle with these clients. We don’t believe we should pay this settlement.

Once again, doesn't matter what you think. And have fun racking up the legal fees in post-judgment costs. You're just going to waste MORE taxpayer money. And maybe you should have thought about this before being a huge douchebag. It doesn't matter if you can't pay. It's not like someone on death row gets off because he's unable to sit still.

Asked whether he though the verdict reflects on his reputation with Detroiters, the mayor replied, “I think my reputation rests with the city of Detroit. Being that there was only one (juror from Detroit), I guess I will have to talk to her.”
Um...first of all, it's WAYNE COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT, so there's allowed to be jurors from WAYNE COUNTY, not just Detroit. I see where you're going with this, but nice try. And Detroit, Michigan, the world is done with you. Just leave.

A jury returned a unanimous verdict against Kilpatrick and the city of Detroit in the civil lawsuit filed by former Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown and former mayoral bodyguard Harold Nelthrope.

Brown was awarded $3.6 million and Nelthrope was awarded $2.9 million.

Jurors refused to speak to members of the media after the trial.

Kilpatrick is expected to speak in front of the Spirit of Detroit statue later this afternoon.

Get away from that iconic landmark you dirty SOB. You're going to make it a bad memory for all of us.

The lawswuit was filed by the two former officers, who claimed that Kilpatrick retaliated against them for investigating alleged wrongdoing by members of the mayor’s inner circle.

Brown’s $3.6 million was broken down as $300,000 for wage and economic losses resulting from what he contended was a forced retirement. He received $1.5 million in non-economic damages and $1.8 million in future economic losses.

Nelthrope received $40,000 in wage and economic losses, $1.3 million in future economic damages, $360,000 in non-economic losses and $1.2 million in additional non-economic damages.

It took only three hours for the Wayne County jury to return its verdict, a stunning defeat for Kilpatrick and the city. It was unclear whether the city would appeal the decision, but any verdict against the city would have to be paid from city funds provided by taxpayers.

THREE HOURS!! That's beautiful. It probably took them that long to elect a foreman, take a vote, tally up damages, and move on. That's nothing.

Judge Michael Callahan told jurors before deliberations began that each plaintiff and defendant is entitled to separate consideration.

The jurors awarded $3.6 million to Brown and $2.9 million to Nelthrope.
Callahan instructed jurors Tuesday morning that the state’s Whistleblower Protection Act is designed to provide protection to employees who report or about to report suspected violations of rules, laws or regulations by their employer or a co-worker. He said the protection only applies to employees who have a “reasonable belief” of violations.

Oh, reasonable belief there was...actually, words like "veritable certainty" and "evidentiary proof" come to mind.




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