Friday, September 7, 2007

Degree for Women's Fired Up Lady of the Week Award: Moira Cameron

London saw it's first female Beefeater this past week. Why is she so cool?

Moira Cameron, 42, from Argyll became the first female Yeoman Warder in the guards' 522-year history after beating five men to win the coveted position to the famous ceremonial guard.

Cameron joined the army at the age of 16 and spent the mandatory 22 years serving in the forces to become eligible for the post.

She's spent 22 years waiting for this and she finally got it. Hellz yes...get to it.

What does a Beefeater do? Not sure...they have 21 ceremonies they perform each day and give tours from what I gather.

Nevertheless, thank you Moira for blazing trails yet to be blazed. You are this week's Degree for Women's Fired Up Lady of the Week. Your gift basket is waiting with Jenny's, Roz's, Marianne's and Venus's. And mine for that matter.

1 Comment:

MarilynJean said...

Everyone needs to do a shot of Beefeater in her honor. I wonder if company sells have gone up since this happened? I see a whole new marketing campaign targeted at the female gin drinking demographic.


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