Friday, September 7, 2007

Wrong Whoopi

See, Whoopi, defending Vick for his role in dogfighting and animal abuse isn't right. It's not just a black thing or a southern's an everywhere and every race thing. And it needs to stop.

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MarilynJean said...

I get the whole race perspective in this case, but to say that it is a cultural thing is whack. One could argue that genital mutilation is cultural, but that doesn't make it right. There's tons of shit that Americans do that are "cultural" but it's lame as hell and sometimes illegal. It then reinforces the notion that Black people are a bunch of brutish idiots and we run around eating chicken and throwing our dogs into fights in basements. If you're going to play the race card, you need to step correct with it. Now this is the last time I give any credence to a Black person whose name is Whoopi and has the last name Goldberg. Is she even Jewish?


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