Friday, November 2, 2007

Against my better judgment

So I did it.

I went ahead and ignored my better judgment and purchased the new Britney Spears cd, "Blackout." I must admit, it is a good set of dance and pop music.

It still makes me feel icky. The sad part is that I think it makes me secretly like it more.

At least I'm not as obsessed with it as this person.


MarilynJean said...

um....that blackout blog is hilarious. "here are pics of Britney shopping for a crystal chandelier!"

"Here is the last Deep Dish Cuthroat Jax Boyz Steaming Hot Fetish Remix of Toxic"

Svara said...

Mmmm - I suspect the Blackout site is not a fan but an employee. Even the disclaimer sounds very professional.

I like a lot of Britney's older tunes. Never be ashamed of admiration! Unless it's someone's who's an obvious pedophile... I'll leave it at that.


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