Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This War is Never Going to End

My thoughts on this today are brought about by the teaser for this article, which states that top Dems now support a war funding bill.

House Democrats defiantly pushed ahead Wednesday with a $50 billion war spending bill that calls for troops to leave Iraq, despite concerns raised by some members of the party and a veto threat issued by the White House.
Of course he'll veto. It's not his idea. His lackeys agree.
"In addition to infringing upon the president's constitutional authority as commander in chief, the bill would mandate a precipitous withdrawal of troops that could increase the probability that American troops would have to one day return to Iraq to confront an even more dangerous enemy," an administration statement said. about his constant infringement upon the constitutional authority of the Congress to declare war and set budgets and funding for wars? The power of the purse my friend, live with it.

My point is this--I'm all for funding for the people there, but for god's sake, obviously this thing isn't going to end by negotiation. Some Dems and Republicans need to team up, grow a pair (ovaries or balls will do) and stop funding this war--that's the ONLY WAY things are going to get done. Flat out.

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MarilynJean said...

Bush and the's almost hilarious how he does that. hilarious. I feel the need to send a pair of safety scissors to every member of the White House staff and Congress. Just as a little reminder.


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