Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And nobody wins

Well, not quite, but had more Dems voted Democrat in yesterday's primary in Michigan, Hillary would have been in even more of a hurt than she is now.

As it turns out, Hillary, though she "won" the "primary," only managed to get 55% of the Democratic ballots. Almost 40% of the people casting Democratic ballots voted for nobody. NOBODY. That means almost half the people who felt compelled to vote Democratically thought Hillary was a waste of their time. Vewy intewesting....


Had Michigan voters been allowed to choose between all the serious contenders for the Democratic nod, CNN's exit poll found, Obama would have won the African-American vote by a 73-22 margin over Clinton.
In other news, Mitt "From the Mitten" Romney won the Republican primary here. I just can't see that momentum doing anything for him anywhere else, though. Sorry, Mitt. (What a dumb name, anyhow.)

And how did I vote you ask? I could give you the DadGrace/MomGrace standard answer of not telling you because, after all, it is a secret ballot. But I'll spoil it for you: I voted in the Republican Primary for Rudy Guiliani. What? Heresy! Yes, it's true--and I felt dirty the entire way. But the only hope I had of upsetting the balance in the force that is the Republican party was not to vote Democratically. Sad, but true. Thus, I cast a vote for someone who I don't despise, but who also doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell. And yet, it didn't do anything anyhow--what I thought would happen, did happen.

Eh, what can you do?



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