Thursday, January 3, 2008

And the winners are...2007 Baggage Awards

For the 2007 Baggage Awards, the categories are....
Best new movie:
Hairspray (the musical)

Best rediscovered or discovered movie:
I've watched a lot of documentaries this past year, the most intriguing and entertaining being An Inconvenient Truth

Best book:
Though I'm not done with it yet, The Golden Compass (Book I of His Dark Materials) . The movie intrigued me towards the books and I haven't been able to put this one down. I'm nearing the end and revved up for the next two.

Best professional memory:
Being sworn in by Justice Kelly.
Best personal memory: Getting my bar results--I know getting married is a big moment and I did love it, but so much of it was a blur--getting that envelope was not a blur.

Best CD:
(this is a start to finish type category--not most relevant, but best CD from track one to track last) Wild Hope, Mandy Moore. I was constantly and still am constantly rediscovering tracks on this CD.

Damn Jam of 2007:
Stronger, Kanye West this is one of those songs I just can't shake the pure joy it brings me.

Song of my life 2007:

Dickbag of the Year Nominee 2007 (only one):
MIL/SIL nuff said

Favorite food 2007:
Munster Chicken at the Royal Oak BrewHERY

Favorite restaurant 2007:
The BrewHERY

Biggest Crutch 2007:
Being busy with the bar exam, waiting for results, job search, the wedding

Best TV Show--Comedy--2007:
The Office

Best TV Show--Drama--2007:

Saddest Moment 2007:
Missing my Nana at my wedding.

Happiest Moment 2007:
(tie) wedding reception and bar results

Funniest Thing the Cats Did 2007:
Spencer's look to Chris when Chris asked Spencer to get himself

Favorite Drink (Non-Alcoholic) 2007:
Diet coke

Favorite Drink (Alcoholic) 2007:
Flavored vodka and champagne

Most Trying Time(s) 2007:
Working at a new job right before the wedding

Best Drunken Time 2007:
Night before Thanksgiving at Backstreet



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