Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How about he gathers himself up and goes into the office to clean it up?

I'll provide a box.

Let's get this straight at the outset: I think Kwame should resign immediately. Not because he had an affair--that's his business. Not because he lied to the public about it--because it's not really our business. But because he deliberately fired people who knew too much about it, lied to cover it up, and cost the City time, morale and a lot of money.

And let's be honest, there was never any love between me and Kwame anyhow.

But now, the guy is sitting around the Manoogian Mansion (which is located here, CVD) having people come to him. Man he has a lot of nerve. HOW ABOUT GOING INTO THE OFFICE AND GETTING A LITTLE MAYORING DONE? I'M SORRY WE INTERRUPTED YOUR VACATION, BUT COME ON.

Cut the games. Cut them.



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