Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, I see

Only after he gets a little vacay in and makes a semi-contrite speech to the City not even addressing the real issues (perjury, waste of city money, use of city resources to fund his personal trysts, and most importantly: the firing of two police officers who were on to his crap), can Kwame go back to work.

I give it an "Oh, Brother."

You can read the transcript of his speech here. I'd discourage you, but whatever.

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MarilynJean said...

so....yeah, that Beatty chick is pretty hot. KK's wife is OK. But I wonder what is going through her head right now. Being married to the mayor of Detroit ain't worth, honey. That's what I would tell her. Just ask Hillary about all that type of stuff...shooood.

Moreover, Beatty is so screwed now. WHY would she do that to herself and her career? AND KK is ugly bastard. So embarrasing it's not even funny.

(and what is with that whole NEXT Detroit thing? It should be TRY AGAIN Detroit)


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