Thursday, February 28, 2008

American Idol Preditctions

2 guys gone:
- Jason Castro. I think your hippie days are over. No one is impressed.
- Robbie Carrico. If you think we believe you're anything but a boy band wash up, you're wrong.

2 girls gone:
- Kady Malloy. I think your sassy attitude has gone sour and we're done with you.
- Kristy Lee Cook

Who will stay even though they deserve to go:
Amanda Overmyer. She's a hot mess yet she still gets praise from the judges. Are you kidding me? She's this year's Sanjaya. Prepare for a bag of Reese's Pieces to hit the wall.
Chickizeezeszesdasdfasdf--no one can spell your name, you aren't really good and your face is funny looking.

Who do I love for non-performance based reasons? Danny Noriega. That kid is a straight up queen and I love it. He's super sassy.

Eh, I don't long as I can see my Simon (who does this for free of charge), I'll be fine. He's one hot piece and I just want him to talk to me in his accent over and over. "Off you go." Damn.

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Bosspooba said...

Amanda rocks! You just don't get that. "Cookie Cutter Cathy" is old news. Can you actually tell the line up of blondes apart this year? If Amanda chooses songs that compliment her style she will go far.


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