Friday, February 15, 2008

Extra-DEXTER Read All About It

I've recently started watching Dexter via my Netflix subscription. I'll admit the first episode was hard for me to handle, but now I'm loving it like a snail loves his shell.

It's eerie at first for the protagonist to be a serial killer. The premise is hard to buy into that he only kills bad guys, but you learn more about him you start to believe. The episodes are starting to focus on other characters as well, which I find interesting.

I just finished the fourth episode (which concludes disc 1 and I won't have disc 2 until Monday) and already I'm hooked.

I might have to get Showtime soon. Just what I have cash for. I guess I have a couple seasons to catch up on first before I worry about that.


meggan said...

I freaking love this show! The books are great as well. I'm a little scared about CBS showing (and sanitizing it) though...

meggan said...

actually, in further commenting, I'd recommend you finish watching season one before you read the first book (Darkly Dreaming Dexter) - the first season is based on the book, and it follows pretty closely, but I had a lot of fun with the differences, and also with what the show chose to focus on, versus what the author focused more on. But, yeah, be prepared to be completely hooked - I can't get enough! I'm jonesing for season 3 already! :)


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