Thursday, February 21, 2008


First of all, plagiarism is a funny word. Without spell check it would inevitably be wrong every time I wrote it.

More importantly, though, plagiarism is at issue between the Clinton and Obama campaigns. Seems Clinton is throwing out plagiarism (I'm using it in a sentence as many times as possible to learn the spelling) against Obama as some reason why people shouldn't vote for him.

CVD brought this up last week. I then posted the Maureen Dowd column yesterday, which was and still is brilliant. Then last night on News and Notes on NPR, the bloggers roundtable discussed it and I'm convinced more than ever that: (1) it's not plagiarism as the person to whom those words first belonged wanted Obama to use them, and (2) it's just another Clinton dirty campaign tactic that comes out in the wake of her campaign being shaken (not stirred) to its core.

Here's a link so you can listen.

This touches on an issue that I'm developing a longer piece about, which is about the Clinton campaign and what it means, truly, for feminism. There are so many feminist bloggers (here are some) that are now focusing on discrediting Obama for the sake of somehow uplifting Clinton in what appears to be a gender-focused attack. It seems silly to me because I believe that the best candidate happens to be a male here and that I can be a female and a feminist and still believe that, yet the "Blogosphere O'Feminism" says otherwise and I take issue with that. I'm still developing my full argument, but that's just a tid-bit. Gnaw on it for awhile.



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