Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reason #972 that I hate L. Brooks Patterson

Apparently the LBP is not only against Cobo expansion, but has decided he's not going to participate in talks about it with other leaders. He'll send a deputy.

What kind of IDIOT is this guy? This region needs Detroit and he's on crack if he thinks otherwise. Oh, I have a scheduling conflict. Um...what is more important? Seriously? What?

Reason #1 that I hate LBP? The fact that he uses his first initial and then his middle name.


Klowie said...

well, hating someone because of how they spell their name is about as smart as electing a crook mayor not once, but TWICE. i'm sure whoever patterson is sending to the talks on the expansion is highly qualified to do so. LBP has done so much for the state of Michigan, anyone who thinks he's on crack should do some more research.

. said...

If by "done so much" you mean create an even bigger divide between Detroit and the suburbs along racial, socio-economic and ethnic lines, then yes, you're correct. If you mean "done so much" in terms of actually doing things that better the lives of citizens, then you are incorrect.


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