Monday, April 7, 2008

These Interviews Will Not Go Well

The Police are in the process of interviewing the 200 women taken from the Texas compound mentioned earlier. No substantial arrests have been made.

Even before reading the article all I could think of is how these women will probably not answer the questions asked by police in any comprehensive or helpful manner. It's not that they are trying to evade questioning, necessarily (although there are reports of fake names being given, etc.), it's that these women were indoctrinated to believe that what was going on was right and holy and they are surely not going to look on the people who blasted into their compound and, more importantly, their temple and take kindly to it.

These problems are coming to light already:

Investigators said one of the issues compounding the already difficult search for the girl, is many members of the sect share the same name or are related, the AP said.

During interviews, investigators said some of the members had given different names. Meisner told the AP that investigators were also having trouble identifying the ages of many of the members.

I hope the questions being asked are objective and not subjective. These women are not likely to answer the subjective ones in any helpful way. And the children will likely be worse.

Officials still have not identified the girl who alerted police to her being forced to marry and have a child as a minor. They fully believe she is in the bunch and will eventually be revealed.



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