Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guess JoAnn was Played

Apparently, JoAnn went to this meeting thinking Kwame was going to resign and he was trying to get her to leave the vote to change her mind. No such luck on Kwame's part. She voted to send him packing anyhow. (And probably was more vehement about it seeing as he played games with her.)

That's not cool, Kwame. Not cool. But then again, nothing you do lately comes near "cool".

Watson said that the mayor and his supporters had been lobbying her all weekend, asking her to spare him. Among them was the Rev. Wendell Anthony, a lifelong friend. But in the end, Watson said, nothing short of his leaving office would do.

"I think the people deserve an end to the drama,” she said. "He believes he needs to maintain in order to fight the charges facing him. My suggestion is that even if you’re exonerated, the city needs to operate on a different level.”

Amen, sister. A-to-tha-men.



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