Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Really NARAL? Really?

It's no secret that I support Obama. Call me an Obamabot or an Obamacrat or whatever. Don't care. I support him and that's my choice. Regardless, I don't dislike Hillary Clinton. I have my issues with her campaign, but she has always been a strong voice for issues near and dear to me, namely healthcare and choice.

So imagine my surprise when I get an e-mail from NARAL saying that they've decided that now is the time to chose Obama over Clinton.

First of all, though they are slight differences and he is still pro-choice, Hillary is far more the advocate for the choice movement than Obama. Secondly, what do they think their endorsement does right now? They claim it stops McCain from getting a free ride on choice, but honestly, why couldn't they have just done a special issue campaign focusing on his shitty choice record?

I just think that this was a weird thing to do and sadly, more than ever, tears the feminist community even further apart.

So far on their blog entry there are 791 comments. I thought I'd make 792...but in between my typing it jumped to 875. 90% of them are not fans of the choice.



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