Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to Solve Gas Prices? Let's Drill Some More

In another expected yet moronic move by George W. Bush, the President called for an increase in off shore drilling in an attempt to lower gas prices. As if ruining our economy and using up the supply of oil we do have is some sort of sustainable solution, Bush urged us to start drilling off our own shores.


Is Bush going to stop his lame duck tour of the world making asinine comments anytime soon? I'm getting sick of hearing about it.


Anonymous said...

The more we harm our environment, the more the environment will harm us, I believe. It's all about balance and unless we learn to curb our consumption, mother nature, I feel, will do all she can to bring balance to us by force.

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it odd that Bush, an oil man from an oil family, starts a un-necassary war and bases it on lies, which he himself perpetrates on the the US citzens,and then he insists on opening up reseved land to drill for more oil and blames the rise in prices that he himself caused. Is everyone asleep out there?! Follow the money people. This is all part of a larger plan and you don't need any conspiries theories to see the plain truth. PLEASE do not vote for Bush the Third/MCCain.


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