Monday, July 21, 2008

Boo To You, Design Star

CVD got me into Design Star this year. And even though I was planning on not liking the contestant from Michigan, Trish, because she's an east-sider, I loved her. I thought she would have made the best host by far and that she had good design skills, but never got the chance to really showcase them. (Seeing how the show was run this year with only one individual challenge until the top 3, I don't see how they could really even judge them fairly.)

Nevertheless, when she was kicked off last night I was pissed. I like Jen and Matt well enough, but I don't think they had the potential Trish did.

Plus, I wanted her to have a show with Mikey V as the carpenter.

Damn you Vern Yip. I know you liked Trish, but I blame you for this as you annoy me. Cynthia Rowley, you're not far behind on my list!


David Dust said...

I was really surprised that Trish went home. I think her carpenter, Big Stupid Ray, sealed her fate.

CLICK HERE for DavidDust's Design Star recap.


Anonymous said...

Really? Trish? You liked "Call the fire department my ring is stuck" Trish?

At least The other two have done things I haven't seen before.

Man....reading your blog I thought we were so alike..... buying first Plus size....liberals....

But I just can't agree on your trish loving agenda :o)


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