Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mr. SG is Already Drooling....The Dark Knight

In fact, Mr. SG went online to get us tickets to the imax showing of it and accidentally bought ones for tomorrow while I'm at work. So it might be a situation, but I'm sure he'll take care of it. He's been so excited for this for months.

I'm interested to see how it goes. It's getting rave reviews and everyone is talking about a possible posthumous Oscar nod for Heath Ledger.

I just don't get the whole comic book thing--how one character can have many stories. I asked Mr. SG if this Batman had anything to do with the Michael Keaton/Val Kilmer/George Clooney one and apparently it does not. So how do they fit in? They don't.

Color me irritated.

But for the movie's sake and for Mr. SG's sake and maybe, just a bit, for my own sake, I'll let my confusion go and try and enjoy it.

Plus, I love popcorn.

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Meggan said...

I must admit, I am drooling as well. Tho Jamie and I are going to wait until Sunday, then go see it at the drive-in theater 3 miles from our house. Super-excitement: nostalgic experience, but new super-cool movie! :)


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