Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You Know Who I Don't Give a Rat's Ass About? Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse. I just don't get it.

First of all, where did this chick come from? One day she was no one and the next she was the "Next Big Thing."

Secondly, why did everyone start sucking her proverbial balls the minute she stepped on the scene? I mean, she's got an interesting take on music and it's entertaining, but she's not like freaking Elvis or something.

Third, her "Rehab" song, while entrancing, is really ironic and people just seem to laugh it off.

Fourth, her antics are f*cking nuts. I mean, you thought Britney and Anna Nicole were bad--Amy is that mess to the 1000th degree.

All in all, I'm just sick of hearing about her. She's going to either end up dead or end up recovered and not interesting and though I hope it's the latter for her sake, I just won't be crying when it's the former.

Call me when the hot mess parade is over.

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Svara said...

First of all Samantha G! Thanks for visiting my blog - so glad I found yours! ONE GOOD way to look at this though is she IS INDEED showing some youth the truth of how stupid drugs and booze can make you look. Brava on her for turning the smart ones away from it who can see how ugly addiction can get. Secondly I so agree - her music is lost on me. I tried finding out what they hype was about her on youtube and couldn't even listen through one song... I've seen a pic or two of her too where her poofy hair piece doesn't match her real color at all. Or was it meant to be like that?


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