Monday, August 4, 2008

SG on TV: Design Star Finale Bores

Well that was a let down. I'm glad Jen won because I didn't like Matt and think he skated through on his carpentry skills (but lack of design skills). Nevertheless, it was a boring show for the most part and I'm glad I only half paid attention. And I swear to God that if Matt yelped like an idiot one more time into a microphone and raised his hands I was going to come across the TV at him like a spider monkey.

One thing CVD did bring to my attention, and I later confirmed via David Dust, was the fact that Mikey V wasn't there. Considering the fact that there was a minor scandal after he was voted off about potential engagement in gay porn. Apparently he's been suspended by his police department (yes, he's a police officer). Then HGTV allegedly (and I say this only because I don't know for sure, but I sure believe it) uninvited him from the finale.

Um...(1) at least Clive could have said something about it, (2) what's the big deal--gay porn? Like David Bromstad doesn't have a sex tape out there, (3) he competed in the show like everyone else and has the same right to be there, (4) he was the best worker there and had good design sense--he and Trish could have had a brilliant show. (She should have won this thing anyhow. I think she didn't because Matt had one of those sob stories about his parents and Jen was...well, I don't know.)

Not to mention that the Summer Showdown thing that they did afterwards was only mildly entertaining. Hopefully next week's will be better. Cynthia Rowley is just a bit to tacky for my taste and Vern Yip, though I can't stand him, did the better job...though it was boring. If any of the design start contestants had come up with that they'd be having a field day.

In any event, a shaming is called for here.


Shame on you, HGTV.



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