Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Convinient: Republican Media Whores Allow Sexism as an Excuse for Palin, not Clinton

In this brilliant clip from yesterday's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," the Republican media machine comes under fire for being biased when it comes to who can (cough*saraH palin*cough) and cannot (cough*hillary clinton*cough) claim sexism.

This clip just highlights what I've been saying since McCain announced Palin as his pick for VP: The pick is nothing more than a feeble attempt by a flailing politician to placate women who were pissed that Hillary didn't make it. Otherwise, why would it be okay to invoke the term "sexism" or the term "bias" now when it clearly wasn't before?

Cut the games, Republicans. Just cut them right down the middle. I'll provide the scissors.



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