Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can't Help It

I want to be done with these Sarah Palin posts. She kind of drives me nuts. But at the same time, she provides so much food for blog thought.

Most recently Mr. SG sent me a link to Wikileaks where they claim to have hacked into Palin's personal e-mail account at yahoo (how professional) where she has been rumored to conduct official business so as to avoid transperancy laws (how convinent).

The above is a screen shot from her e-mail.

Some of this has been confirmed...I'd like to know more. I'm waiting for a post at The Palin Effect.

UPDATE: 4:33 p.m.--News outlets and other more reputable sources are starting to pick this story up.

1 Comment:

Lydia said...

Thanks for including the link so I could finally see what Wikileaks got ahold of. When I read the story early this morning all the links were frozen. I couldn't even get onto the main site.
How do you like that little Find Christian Singles button on the top left of her email screen?
She asked for this by not having her email at the bona fide .gov site. O, but she was trying to HIDE.... :)


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