Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John, You Are Straight Trippin', My Friend

John McCain has asked to postpone Friday's debate (because he's not ready and he'll know he'll lose) because of the economy.

Um, first of all...nice try.

Second of all, way to then encourage Obama to do the same so if he doesn't he looks like a dick.

Third of all, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, JOHN? Sit in a room and start working on an old-school adding machine with an accountant's visor? Come on.

Fourthly, cut the games. If the economy is going to hell, don't Americans need to hear about your stance on the issues more than ever?

What a sideways move, you jerk.

And didn't Abraham Lincoln campaign during the Civil War? Didn't Reagan and Carter campaign during the hostage crisis? Didn't FDR campaign during the GREAT FREAKING DEPRESSION???? And have you even admitted this is a recession yet? No, of course not. So why stop the campaign?

Leave it to the Republicans to leave me speechless with their backwards logic.

Remember how McCain was touting "change". If this is change, then count me out. STAND UP AND DEMAND THE DEBATE HERE.

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Martyn said...

Go you girl. My sentiments exactly, except that the debate is supposed to be about foreign policy. I'm sure McCain doesn't want to hear Obama lecturing him about how we'd be more stable financially if we never started an unnecessary war. Imagine if Obama said I want to delay the foreign policy debate. McCain would be wacking him about not facing the Surge music. Membership has its privileges, if you know what I mean.


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