Monday, September 8, 2008

Snoozefest 2008: The 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

Talk about boring...MTV made a name for its piddly award's show by pushing the envelope. Apparently they've pushed it right off the desk and can't find it without bifocals, because the whole thing was tore up from the floor up last night. (You can see the brilliant Michael K's live blogging recap here on DListed--CVD and I thought he was hiding in my basement capturing our thoughts.)

Some lowlights:

  • Britney "opened" the show with a boring ass sketch with that kid from Superbad. So much for a performance
  • Rhianna sang Distrubia, which is slowly becoming a good song to me, and wowed no one with nothing. In fact, I kind of wish she would have lipsynched because the singing was awful.
  • That new host was funny as hell, but pissed off conservatives (including Jordin "I'm Pure And Proud" Sparks) with his bit about so-called "purity rings"
  • Demi Moore randomly showed up as the official MILF of the evening to give out an award
  • Rhianna sang again (how does this girl get so many chances?)
  • Pink gave the performance of the night with a song I do like
  • Christina has a new theme and both CVD and I love it, but unlike Rhianna who doesn't have half the voice Christina does, she did lip synch and it was really obvious
  • Kanye West closed the show with a Kenna-esque song that I liked and CVD didn't.
So what have we learned? Either CVD and I are too old for the VMAs (which is possible) or they're just plain ol' boring as hell (which is probable).

Congrats to Brit Brit though who won her first three VMAs last night.

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MarilynJean said...

I loved that purity joke. I didn't watch the show (I gave up on that years ago AND I don't have cable), but I caught a glimpse of Brit Brit looking fabu.

Rihanna is starting to get annoying in her ubiquitousness. That whole "edgy" thing she tries to sell isn't working. Didn't work for Avril, ain't working for Rihanna. Siouxsie, Blondie and Pat all want their look back.

Jordin Sparks sounded like an idiot defending purity rings. And I'm pretty sure the Jonas Bros. would gang bang Miley Cyrus given the chance.


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