Thursday, October 9, 2008

He Must Be Un-American....He's Black, His Dad Was a Foreigner and His Middle Name's Hussein

For months, Obama we have subtly and not-so-subtly been beaten over the head with the theme that Obama just isn't "American enough" to be President. This tactic reeks of racism from days gone by and inherent fears and hatred of the unknown "other." It's a sad commentary on America that this has worked with some people.

But it's more than just a tactic. It's a Rovian like strategy that plays on the fear of the different. This fear popped up more than ever after 9/11 and although it's died down in a lot of major ways, it's been pervasive in our foreign and domestic policy ever since. For those who say it hasn't, I need only direct you to the detainees at Gitmo to prove my point.

It still amazes me, I guess because I've yet to become totally cynical, that this strategy works. It does work, though, and it works well. Obama has been labeled a Muslim as if that were a bad thing--as if his religion detered him from doing a good job as president. Obama's been labeled an elite--as if knowing the difference between nuclear and nucular is a bad thing. Obama's been labeled too flashy even though he's probably one of the least flashiest people I can recall. Underneath all of these comments, lies a sickening truth...America is racist.

So the news today that McCain is trying harder than ever to link the word "terrorist" to Obama's campaign is not surprising. In fact, it's sadly reassuring that McCain is going this far because it shows he's strugling badly. Nevertheless, the fact is that certain segments of White America falls for these divisive tactics more often than not.

How does this relate to foreign policy? Well, if America is inherently racist, and we elect a president who plays on those ingrained fears, how does it stand a chance of actually discussing the issues with countries like Iran and North Korea? We don't. That's why McCain won't discuss whether he'll talk to Iranian officials--because he won't. Diplomacy is not a characteristic of a McCain Administration. And if we recall, that's how we got into this quagmire of never-ending wars in the first place.

McCain claims to speak softly and carry a big stick, but if the words and tactics you are using speak louder than words, it makes no difference what you say.

And that, my friends, is just another reason not to vote for McCain.


Anonymous said...

Do you know how many times you Obamabots call their opponents "racist?"

Coming from a man who attended a church who had a real racist as pastor who gave an award to another real racist named Louis Farrakhan. Father Pfleger is added to make it an unholy trinity of HATE!

Barack Obama and his ilk are indirectly responsible for the slaughter of black babies by the millions, ENSURING that blacks would never stay the #2 minority in the U.S.

Barack Obama and his minions have used the race card against Hillary Clinton and now the McCain-Palin ticket. Many Obama supporters are rude, arrogant, race-baiting dividers that smear and demagogue whenever they please.


Which party started the KKK and the Jim Crow era? The Democratic party. Which party had a man named Robert Byrd FILIBUSTERING the Civil Rights Act of 1965? The Democratic party. Which party FOUGHT against Americans who wanted blacks freed from slavery? The Democratic party. Which party was formed EXPRESSLY to oppose the Democrat party on the issue of slavery? The Republican party.

Which party passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery? The Republican party. Which party turned right around and formed the KKK to make sure blacks went BACK to the plantations after the 13th Amendment was passed? The Democratic party. Which party passed the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution so that blacks could have due process in law, so that their right to vote would not infringed upon regardless of their race or skin color? The Republican party.

Which party at one of its conventions called itself the “white man’s Party?” The Democratic party. Which party stacked the Supreme Court with racists who then finally rendered blacks 3/5ths human being in the infamous Dredd Scott case? The Democratic party. Which party has a history and pattern of terrorizing black Americans for over 170 years? The Democratic party.

Which party caused the destruction of the black family unit after the 1965 Civil Rights Act passed by hooking blacks on government programs? The Democratic party. Which party accused those who opposed hooking blacks on those government programs “racists” and “uncle Toms?” The Democratic party. Which party started affirmative action programs? The Republican party.

Which party pushed for and passed welfare reform to help poor blacks extricate themselves from government dependency programs, reducing poverty rates in black communities by 54%? The Republican party. Which party BLOCKED extension of welfare reform that Democrat Bill Clinton twice vetoed? The Democratic party.

Which party FOUGHT to exclude blacks from getting a good education for over 170 years? The Democratic party. Under which party did black business and black home ownership set record levels? The Republican party. Under which party have black students made the greatest gains in over 30 years? The Republican party. Which party has enabled over 283,000 loans to small business (30% of which went to minority businesses) totalling $63 billion in five years, almost as much as was spend in the previous 40 years? The Republican party.

Which Party freed 3.8 million blacks from the tax rolls? The Republican party. Which party started the funding of the first African American museum and culture center? The Republican party. Which party had the very first and second black Secretaries of State, and the first black National Security Advisor? The Republican party. Which party spent three times ($15 billion) more on AIDS in Africa and the Caribbean than had been previously spent? The Republican party.

And finally, which party continues to pit blacks Americans against white Americans for disgusting political gain? The Democratic party.

McCain-Palin<-----have no racist pastors or friends

Sportygrrl said...

Didn't Strom Thurmond start out as a Democrat? Weird how politics have changed over the years and how they will continue to change. Most importantly, how they MUST change.

Anyway, was gonna originally say that I posted a video showing ignorance on my blog today regarding this terrorist label: People are scary when they have this much disdain no mater their political affiliation.

SportyGrrl said...
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SportyGrrl said...
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SportyGrrl said...

I have now tried three times to send you this

If it doesn't show up, then just look at what happened in Rensselaer County, New York.


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