Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe the Plumber--This Week's For You

I find it highly ironic that John McCain pulls in "Joe the Plumber" to try and prove his points on the economy. McCain's insistence that the fundamentals of the American economy--the American Worker--are strong, have rung hollow every step of the way. His reaching out to Joe the Plumber is just another attempt to connect with middle-class white men who are leaning towards Obama.

Let's see how McCain really feels about Joe the Plumber and all the other Joes and Janes out there in the work force.

The record is quite clear--unless you're one of the wealthiest 2%, you just don't matter. Check out more here.

Oddly enough, Joe the Plumber might not be such a McCain fan....the major plumbers union in America endorses Obama.

Oh snap, indeed.

1 Comment:

The Road Less Traveled said...

Every plumber named Joe in Ohio had a great night last night...


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