Monday, October 6, 2008

SG at the Ballot Box: Welcome to Foreign Policy Week!

I must say, the posts are getting better and better as this little experiment of mine goes forward. We've talked about Education and Health Care. This week, it's foreign policy. While I doubt our talks will be as intricate and detailed as they could be, they'll be a far cry from "I can see Russia from my bedroom."

In that vein, let's begin as we always begin, with the candidates' own words.

You can review Barack Obama's views on foreign policy yourself. Barack Obama's foreign policy views are here.

As for John McCain, oddly enough (and I don't think this is an oversight), his campaign website has no foreign policy section. Instead, the closest thing I could find was national security, homeland security, and Iraq. I know these initial posts usually don't have much commentary, but I'm sorry, when you don't have a foreign policy outside of national/homeland security (which is the same thing) and Iraq, there's a serious problem.

In any event, read up.



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