Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yes to Hope, Yes to Cures, Yes to Michigan: Yes to Proposal 2

I expect a lot off bullshit when it comes to ballot proposals. So you can imagine that it's hard to surprise me anymore.

Guess what? I'm surprised. I never thought there would be this much controversy over saying yes to medical research and a better quality of life.

Over the past few weeks, the opposition to Proposal 2 people have been fighting against common sense, dignity and just plan goodness. Mostly funded by the Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, the No to 2 people have been making such ridiculous and patently false claims that it makes Richard Nixon look like a saint.

Here are the facts from Cure Michigan:

  • Proposal 2 will provide for safe and ethical research as permitted under federal law;
  • Proposal 2 will keep in force Michigan’s ban against cloning; and,
  • Proposal 2 will allow doctors and researchers to use voluntarily donated leftover embryos for finding cures and saving lives. These leftover embryos are currently thrown away as medical waste.
Why is Proposal 2 necessary in Michigan? Because under the current state law, Michigan criminalizes the use of new embryonic stem cells to find cures—researchers can be fined up to $10 million and imprisoned up to 10 years. That means researchers at our top institutions and even private medical research facilities are being forced to make a choice--research and jail or losing time and money.

The No to 2 people are right about one thing--this is a moral issue. This is an issue about whether you want people with severe spinal injuries to have the hope to walk again. This is an issue about whether you want people with chronic illnesses, like me, to live a pain free life. This is an issue about whether you want people with Alzheimer's and Dementia, like Nana Grace, to have a second chance at their golden years. So if you believe in those things, you believe in voting yes to Proposal 2.

Part of the problem now is that people are being fed these lies about Proposal 2 and it's alleged potential for raising tax revenues, allowing unethical use of human embryos and so on--all false claims mind you. The reason this matters--the No to 2 people have more money and captive audiences.

So what can you do? Until tonight at midnight, your donations are being matched dollar-for-dollar. You can only give ten bucks? Guess what, today you can make the impact of $20. Make a donation today, however big or small, to support such an important cause.

Don't let us wake up November 5 with a Michigan that is technologically inhibited and without hope. Donate here. And vote YES on Proposal 2.



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