Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bail Out The Workers, Not The CEOs

In not so startling news today, it was revealed that the CEOs of the Big 3 flew private jets to D.C. to testify before Congress. Honestly, they should have driven their company's cars there. I want to see Waggonner in a Malibu, Nardelli in a Charger and Mullally in a Fusion. At least I'm giving them full-sized cars here, folks.

This just goes back to what I've been saying all along--I know it's hard to look past the greed of the CEOs and others on top, but I hope that Congress does because just under the top layer, there are millions of families' lives at stake. This is more than a political pissing match--this is the survival of America's once-most-robust industry. This is the industry that got us through WWII by producing planes and tanks instead of cars and trucks. This is the industry that built cities and towns by bringing good quality manufacturing jobs to places unknown. Don't do it for the jerks at the table, do it for the retirees surviving on measly pensions. Do it for the line worker trying to support her family. Do it for the accounting administrative assistant who wants to go back to school. Do it for these folks.

The Auto industry has supported America and although it might be hard, it's time we support them through this crisis. I know they need to change--they know they need to change. Take the CEOs out as part of the deal. Require them to fork over their salaries and benefits. Whatever it takes, just do it. There is far too much at risk here. We need to stop the political pissing match and get back to basics--people need to be able to afford things to get jobs. People need a fresh start.

Wiping out the auto industry will do nothing to further our common goals.



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