Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proposal 2--Vote Yes Now, Vote Yes Early

Michigan's Proposal 2 is glaringly important to me. But I realize that I don't necessarily represent the voice of all the people, sadly.

Everyday people are suffering from incurable diseases, chronic pain, chronic suffering. Their relationships are faltering because of their pain. Careers are going down the tubes.

Yet, instead of being compassionate, some people are trying to block the best known route to cures. It's as if I-75 were off limits and the people all suggested using US-23. It's another route, but it won't get you to Saginaw because it stops before there.

What boggles my mind more than the lack of compassion, is the outright lies coming out of the mouths of the No on 2 People. The commercials are outrageous and nothing short of fear-mongering.

They allege higher taxes would result. Lie.
They allege that human cloning would occur. Lie.
They allege that it goes too far. Lie.

I just hope that people look past the lies. The thing is that to be a good practitioner of any type of religion, you must be compassionate. Being compassionate isn't saying a prayer. It isn't just saying you're compassionate. It's actually doing something about it. Frankly, it's a lie if you say you'r compassionate and you chose to vote no on Proposal 2. All of the major religions ask you to do one thing--put your money where your mouth is, and by voting No on 2, you fail to do that.

Proposal 2 is your chance to be compassionate. So just do it. Vote yes. Be compassionate. Chose cures over fear. And chose life over just getting by.



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