Thursday, November 13, 2008

Real Women Have Domains

So as some of you have noticed or have been made aware, I have a new domain for my writing blog. I am self-hosted! Check it out at

Now that I'm a self-hosting pro, I'm going to be streamlining my blogs more and more. From now on my music, movies, television and book posts will be at PCL. I will keep the politics, news and feminist commentary right here. But I am looking to get a domain for this blog and, in the process, change its name to reflect the purpose. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated. Some thoughts I have had are: What's Right is Left, Liberal in Moderation, Pundits Paradise and Liberal Under Fire. But I'm sure I'll have more.

I'll even throw in a prize. You give me a good domain/blog name and I'll get you something at Starbucks.



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