Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Senate Races

Though the day is historic because of the top of the ticket, we cannot forget that legislators are truly the key to a just society.

So looking over the senate races all across the country, here's what people are seeing.

The Dems are looking to gain that magical "60" number. In fact, it's so mythical, so out of touch that I dare not say the number today for fear of jinxing myself and the rest of the nation. Daily Kos predicts us coming close, but ending with only 57.

What's so important about 60? Well, it gives us the chance to shape new legislation that was impossible to do when we were deadlocked. It gives us the chance to force things in terms of judicial nominations. But most importantly, it allows us to block the all encompassing filibuster.

What a glorious day 60 would be!

Oh damn...I just said it.



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