Friday, November 21, 2008

Wait, wait...don't tell me...this is the part where the working man gets screwed

Sources close to the UAW have said that Detroit's most powerful labor organization is ready to give some concessions to the automakers to help the automakers score some easy cash from Congress. The controversial jobs bank is at the key of these concessions.

So let me get this straight, the 3 CEOs fly to D.C. in private jets. They are paid millions of dollars and don't agree to not take a salary for a year. They beg and plead for money, but are unwilling to make real lasting changes. And it's the working stiff who is left to give up what little power he had? Wow, I'm so shocked.

The domestic auto industry is poised to move towards coupledom after decades of a tough menage-a-trois. It is almost inevitable that one of the Big 3 will not make it through this financial crisis. The largest domestic automaker is doing worse now than it has any time since the Great Depression. That alone will cause millions of families to suffer and a ripple effect across the nation where buying grows even more stagnant than before. And the solution to this...the only one to be offered up...has to be the working man? I'm all for playing ball and compromising, but I have yet to hear one single word about what the auto execs plan to give up in exchange for government help. But the working men and women are already handing over their hard-earned money, spent on split shifts, overtime and blood, sweat and tears. Can't the execs at least show them that they're willing to give in the spirit of cooperation as well?

Or is that just too much to ask?



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