Monday, June 11, 2007

Again with the Sopranos fever?

Not directly related, but the Detroit Free Press published this article yesterday about the five best and five worst TV series endings. It's a great read.

I couldn't agree more about the Six Feet Under ending. That show was custom made for a good ending. Everything about it was perfect--the music, the background of Claire driving to New York in her new Prius. The finality of it all is what the show conveyed--and we were able to think about our lives in a new way that night (or whenever you actually saw it).

So, for your viewing pleasure...


SportyGrrl said...

That show consumed me like few others have. I still have goosebumps from that clip. Seems strange to see those actors in different shows now.

SportyGrrl said...

Whoops. I meant that comment for Six Feet Under-Not the Sopranos. Sorry-this is my first time reading a blog. :)


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