Monday, June 11, 2007

It just gets sadder and sadder

While a certain socialite who will remain nameless continues to enter and leave jail as if it were a resort, there's a manslaughter and child abuse case going on in Detroit that is wrenching my heart every day. Issac Lethbridge was taken from his biological parents along with other siblings because of neglect in their home. He was then placed by a foster care center which is now shut down.

The testimony that takes place each day (like this testimony today about his foster sister who was accused of actually causing his death, or this testimony last week about him being continuously neglected and harmed) rips my heart apart and the enchanting young boy is always looking on as I read on the right hand side of my screen. I just want to reach out to him and children like him--taken from abuse and landing right back in abuse.

Something has got to be done. Flat out--something MUST occur that ensures that this, and what happened in the Ricky Holland case, never happens again. Seems that notwithstanding promises previously made, many children are, in fact, getting left behind.

I don't even know where to begin. I wish I could give suggestions or even a place to start, but it seems to me that major investigations and licensing regulations need to be changed and put into place immediately and that we ought to have an agency that is fully-committed to handling the care of these children.

If we can't protect little people like Isaac then we have truly lost touch with what is important.



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