Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Think I'm in Love

Today, Sen. Barack Obama reaffirmed why I love him so very very much. He basically laid out a totally revamped way of doing taxes that aims at closing the class gap and the loopholes for corporations. I know dat's right.

Sen. Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed overhauling the tax code to lower taxes for the poor and middle class, increase them for the rich and make it so most Americans can file their taxes in five minutes.

The tax relief plan he envisions for the middle class alone would mean $80 billion or more in tax cuts, he said.

Obama, an Illinois Democrat who is a front-runner for his party's 2008 presidential nomination, said during a speech at the Tax Policy Center that the present tax code reflects the wrong priorities because it rewards wealth instead of work.

Hellz to the yes. The tax system does reward wealth instead of work...damn skippy.

Obama proposes funding the tax cuts by closing corporate loopholes, cracking down on international tax havens and increasing the dividend-and-capital-gains tax for the wealthy, he said.

He called his proposal a "fair" alternative to the present tax code and said it was necessary because hard times on Main Street translate to hard times on Wall Street.

"When the changes in our economy are leaving too many people behind, the competitiveness of our country risks falling behind," he said. "When that dream of opportunity is denied to too many Americans, then ultimately that pain has a way of trickling up."
The use of the term "trickling up" brought a slight tear to my eye.

I can't wait until this guy is president.



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