Thursday, November 15, 2007


I was reminded today, when I said something rather Kim-esque, that I used to have a running list of things that I said that became instant quotables or phrases-de-jour. They are called "Kimisms" and have been since approximately 2001.

I have dedicated a googlepage to my Kimisms and link it HERE today to honor the newest Kimism, circa about twenty minutes ago.

"If you want to comply with the law, sure we'll settle it. Otherwise, shut the fuck up."
November 15, 2007, 2:58 p.m. EST

Remember your daily dose of Kimisms today. Tucked away there's a list of Kimisms...I must now find them. I also have some on my computer at home. HORRAY!

P.S.--Thanks Moxie for noting the hilarity of that statement.

P.P.S. To THIS person who believes they trademarked "Kimisms", try again...mine have been in circulation for years, yo. Years.


MarilynJean said...

Just think: years from now these will be in those cheesy leadership books they sell at mainstream bookstores.

Phrases-du-jour aka Quaint Quotables are chock full o'Kimisms.

Sharkbait said...

yo ;)


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