Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's amazing what I'll agree with to try to end a conversation...and what I won't

I went to a meeting for work yesterday where there were a number of retired plant workers. One of them was either fascinated with me or just wanted to talk in general and after asking a few questions about the topic of the meeting, he plowed into some controversial topics.

We'll call him Joe.

Joe: My kids aren't doing well, they're not following the Lord's path.
SG: Really? That's too bad.
Joe: It is, because you know we need him in our lives to guide us.
SG: Yep.
Joe: And they're just messing their lives up...adultery and such.
SG: That's too bad.
Joe: It is. This country is going crazy.
SG: Yep.
Joe: It's just like last year with all of those crazy things going on...what was that...oh yeah gay marriage.
SG: Huh?
Joe: Yeah, gay marriage. And we had some good Christian lawyers at the Christian Defense League [or some other crazy thing] help us out and they defeated that.
SG: Yeah...
Joe: It's just mad. We need some new leadership.
SG: Yes, we do.
Joe: We need good Christian leadership.
SG: Sure (checking her absent watch)...yeah.
Joe: We need a good Christian man.
SG: Huh?
Joe: I'll never vote for a woman for president.
SG: Alright, I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one.
Joe: Well, women rule by emotions--men rule by reason.
SG: I can tell you for a fact that that statement is not true.
Joe: Well, I don't like Hillary.
SG: No one said you had to.
(at this point I think to myself--(1) Hillary is not all women, and (2) even if she was, she's the last person that would be perceived as ruling by emotions--the woman is calculating as fuck)
Joe: A good Christian man...yep, that's what we need.
SG: Well, it's been nice talking to you.

Why is it that every person I meet feels that I'm a good ear for their crazy talk?



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