Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hangman's Hangnail

I'm having this major hangnail problem the past few days. I've trimmed and moisturized but it hasn't gone away.

Next step--neosporin and bandaids. Of course, now that I'm at work this is less possible. Grrrr.

Here's some helpful hangnail tips.

update: I've since put a dab of lotion and a bandaid on my thumb to avoid me concentrating on it. The problem is that we have janky bandaids here at work. You know the kind that are all flimsy and slippery. They are bandaid brand. Maybe I read the box wrong and they're "Bendaid" brand or something you get at the dollar store.

1 Comment:

MarilynJean said...

hangnails were invented by God to punish sinners.


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