Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How's that abstinence only education coming?

Shouldn't you be working on that novel?

A report out recently shows that teen pregnancies and births are on the rise. Is this a coincidence? I think not. At the same time schools are relentless in their quest to not talk about sex in sex education, kids are having sex anyhow and getting knocked up.

Are you surprised? Because I'm not.

But don't worry, we'll continue along this path because we're so bassackwards that we won't actually TALK about PROTECTION, we'll just tell people NOT to do it.

Yeah. That works.


MarilynJean said...

Do I smell a Family Guy reference in this post?

Megg said...

and I love how the woman from the CDC says they were surprised by the results... in the business of science, that means "We were sure hoping we'd get the opposite result, and we really massaged the data to try and get the opposite result, but it just didn't happen."


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