Friday, December 7, 2007

Is nothing sacred anymore?

Last night while visiting the "Somerset Collection" (don't get me started about how it's a collection and not a mall), I was made privy to the fact that Santa takes appointments.

Appointments, you ask?

Yes, appointments.

Apparently kids these days are too busy to stand in line for Santa, like EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH did. Instead, they check in, get a time, and can run around like crazy in this play area.

I can see where some parents might mistakenly think of this as a good idea, but let's put it this way--it's a horrible idea. Kids from my generation on down have become accustomed to not having to wait for anything in an organized fashion. You want a song? Download it. You want a fancy cup of coffee? Go to Starbucks. You want to shop? You can just go online. The worst part of it all is that parents wonder where their kids went wrong when they can't be patient enough for the simplest things. We're giving kids TVs in cars, and videos on demand. They get everything they want WHEN they want it and they're never taught the value of waiting.

This whole Santa experiment at Somerset just reinforces that type of behavior. Kids learn through everyday exercises of restraint--like waiting in line patiently or not getting to see Santa. Instead, they can run around, play giant checkers and shop while Santa gets ready for their arrival. Instead of Santa being the main attraction, it's the kids.

I don't know how parents with half a brain do it these days. The influences throughout a child's life are so hell-bent on making things as easy as possible. Kids don't experience the joy of receiving after waiting--they just "get" on demand.

It's a sad day on the North Pole. Just text Santa, and he'll tell you.

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MarilynJean said...

That would be funny: Santa as a blogger.


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