Monday, January 14, 2008

Up Swartz Creek Without A Paddle

A pharmacist in Swartz Creek, MI was fired for not dispensing the morning after pill. I say, good riddance to him. However, he is suing his employer, Target, for his dismissal saying that they knew he was against dispensing such medications prior to his employment.

Flint Right to Life Director Judy Climer agreed, saying Target was trying to force Bundy into participating in an abortion by ordering him to hand out morning-after pills. They were instructing him to do his job. Here's the thing--he knew that the drug was out there, he accepted the job knowing the policy, and yet he's refusing to the job. That's grounds for termination in any workplace.
"He has the right to object to that," Climer said. "The morning-after pill is clearly an abortion pill. If it's not an abortion pill, why do you take it the morning after?"
To prevent pregnancy. There's your answer, hoss. And no, he doesn't have a right to object to that.

And the worst is still to come...
A state lawmaker has introduced legislation that would protect Bundy and other druggists with similar beliefs by labeling them "healthcare conscientious objectors," said Climer.
Dear God, help us all. Do we really need the government telling pharmacists they can just sit back and make judgment calls on drugs that were deemed safe by the FDA?
A Target spokesman has said the store values the religious beliefs of its pharmacists but has an obligation to customers.
Thank you Target. Another reason I'm down with Target.



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