Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A wash

Super Tuesday was a wash, as predicted by DadGrace, CVD and others. I think it stands as a testement of Obama's play with the nation--coming from behind like that to be neck in neck with a veritable political powerhouse is nothing to sneeze at.

And though it took me a few minutes to find it after seeing it earlier this week, here's an article from the weekend about Hillary's so-called "35 years of experience". CVD finds her experience to be a selling point, so I'm dedicating this link to him. It is an article by Matt Stearns from the McClatchy Washington Bureau about her true resume. Granted, it throws in an unncessary dig against Obama at the end (and I'm all for telling the truth, it just didn't seem to have a lot of purpose in this article except to keep the playing field seemingly even), but it does speak to the myth of Hillary's experience and the myth of Barack's inexperience (as does this commentary based on the article from the Nation).

So happy Hangover Wednesday, America. We're still in for a long haul.



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