Monday, March 10, 2008

Why in the world didn't they use the phone in its normal mode?

New text messages revealed = New scandal.

Apparently, Mayor Kilpatrick and his former right hand woman Christine Beatty were in cahoots with an economic developer in the City, giving him inside information on contract bids, etc. The guy even re-did Beatty's driveway.

And for those of you quick to defend Mayor Douchebag, here's a good reason why you shouldn't:

"Awarding contracts to supporters and friends is problematic," said Peter Henning, a Wayne State University professor and ex-federal prosecutor. "If there's benefit being derived from it, then that's a classic case of public corruption."
Once again, more corruption. It's really astonishing when you think about it.

I don't know whether to create a new tag or just list this under the Text Message scandal. I mean, it's a totally different scandal, but it uses text messages. Ahhh--the quandary I am in.



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