Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You're Still My Boy Blue

Clinton won Pennsylvania. I'm not too surprised. But I do have to say, Obama narrowed down a 25 point lead to about 5 points. That's a big deal. And we can't forget those Republicans who switched just for this primary.

CNN asks whether the Clinton victory comes too late. In my opinion it does. She's still not close to the lead, he still picks up delegates and shows that he can appeal to a wide array of people and, somewhat amazingly, change people's minds in a rather short period of time. To me, that's a good victory in and of itself.

In the end, I think Pennsylvania only confirmed what many of us already feared--we're not seeing a quick end to this any time soon.

You're still my boy, blue!


nodigie said...

He is still my boy blue as well. Hillary's ill behavior, dirty tricks and outright nasty campaign has turned me off in such a way unimaginable. This is a race about her and Bill; it is not about the uneducated, misinformed, easily disburbed voters in places like Ohio and PA, it is about Hillary and doing all she can, no matter how low, to win.
Obama is an honest man with high ambitions for us as a people and as a country; but Hillary's ill spirited selfishness would rather break the party down to achieve self promotion by any means necessary. Superdelegates should really take a look at her behavior and management style of her campaign. It says a lot about the woman.

Bugkill said...

It is simply amazing how the media is trying to pump up Hillary Clinton as if she really did something meaningful in PA. last night. She was SUPPOSED to win PA and Obama was lucky to have only lost by 10 points and garnered over 1 million votes. People are acting as if she beat Obama in Illinois by 10 points, which is not the case. It is more impresseive that despite all the bad press about Rev. Wright and the "bitter" comment, Obama only lost by 10 points in a Clinton stronghold after being down by 25 points not long ago.

PA is a Clinton stronghold and he had no chance of winning it, but he was able to lower the damage in both the delegate count and the popular vote. She needed to win big and she did not accomplish that at all. In my opinion, Clinton did not do well because she did not get a "game changer" and that is what she needs at this point. This was one of her states that she should have at least won by over 15 points, but she did not.

It is too late in the game for all this talk about her "staying in the game" or she has momentum, because she has no chance to take the delegate lead and a slim chance in the popular vote, and the superdelegates would be out of their minds if they gave her the nomination.

The Republicans fear Barack Obama because they know he will generate a huge following of new voters and he will energize the base. Hillary Clinton will not bring that excitement and she would actually energize the Republican base because they would do their best to defeat her, and she just does not have anything behind except women.

JackD said...

Everyone keeps saying Hillary won by 10 Points – or by double digits – WRONG. Hillary won by 9.375 points. This still, according to real mathematics rounds to 9 POINTS – not double digits. This may not seem like a big deal, but trust me – IT IS!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hillary only won by about 9 points, I agree with that. Is Obama really honest? He claims to not take money from lobbyists or special interest groups, but, he has taken donations in the total amount of approximately $11 million from law firms that are also registered lobbyists at the federal level. Does that seem honest to you?


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