Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gidi It all to Heck and Back

Sen. Edward "Ted" Kennedy had a seizure this weekend. As a result of going to the hospital, they have now found a malignant brain tumor.

Cancer can really suck it. I know there are plenty of people who don't like Ted, but I'm on the opposite part of that spectrum. His tenacity over the years has always been welcomed and he's definitely been there on some key issues. He's a big believer in gun control and has been a somewhat lone voice of reason on the Judiciary Committee. Granted he helped write the idiotic No Child Left Behind, but that was a compromise at a time when there was a Republican President with a lot of support and a Republican Congress...still a demerit for that one.

I guess I'm saddened by this news not just because he's a person and no one deserves cancer, but because he's an iconic figure of the Democratic party and a vocal supporter for judicial reasoning (remember the fillibuster anyone?).


Cancer...this is for you:



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