Friday, May 9, 2008

He keeps them running...yeah, he keeps them running

Running straight to him, that is. Obama has picked up 4 more superdelegates today. At least one of those was a former Clinton supporter.

I think we've hit that point where the tides have officially changed. And while I appreciate the debates that have been on the issues (though sadly few and far between), it's time to let the party rest and heal before the big race in November. This thing has gone from useful to damn-near harmful in just over two months and it's time to put it to bed.

Please Hillary, you know I love you as a senator and politician, but this race has worn out the party and frankly you've been very divisive the past few weeks and months. You keep trying to appeal to working class white folks at the detriment to those black and brown folks that pretty much elected your husband the first time around. Not to mention the fact that your alliance with middle- and working-class America is tenuous at best. (I mean how does someone who grew up in a privileged background go from being on the board of directors of Walmart really relate to working people?) White people aren't the only ones that need attention, by the way. Regardless, the time has come and I pray that you'll save us all, including yourself, and just let us all collectively move on.



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