Wednesday, May 7, 2008

There Already Is

Hillary Clinton has vowed to stay in the race until there is a nominee.

Um...there already is. His name is Barack. He's a nice young fella. You should meet him sometime.


MarilynJean said...

Her persistence is starting to make me feel uncomfortable. I will cry when she has to concede.

Meggan said...

I gotta say, I'm going to miss her. She and Obama have very, very similar plans in almost every way, but, where they differ, I find her plan to be superior in almost every case. The best example: her health care plan is actually "universal", while his allows people to not buy in if they choose, which in essence means that the young and healthy won't buy in if they don't have to, which shifts the burden to the old and/or sick. 'Mandate' is not a dirty word. I just hope that Obama is smart/humble enough to admit that her policies were better in some ways, and adapt his accordingly. Will I support Obama - sure - but do I still like Hillary - you betcha. Guess I'm that rare exception: a white, middle-class, college educated person who likes Hillary just a smidge better. But, any Dem will do at this point.


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